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The Summit County and Wasatch County communities are enriched by the existence and dedication of many non-profit organizations. From animals to art, education or accessibility to sports and recreation, the many non-profit organizations near Park City help make our area the wonderful place it is.

We believe that together as a community we can successfully foster a sustainable and safe place for us all.

That’s why the Hideout Canyon and Mustang Development team believe in giving back. We are pleased and very proud to support the following non-profit organizations:

Hideout Canyon Supports Park City non-profit Youth Sports Alliance Hideout Canyon Supports Park City non-profit We Save Land Hideout Canyon Supports Park City non-profit Peace House

Why We Support the Youth Sports Alliance

Did you know? Because of the types of programs offered by non-profits like the Youth Sports Alliance, Utah had the lowest obesity rate in the United States for 10-17-year-olds in 2016 and 2-4-year-olds in 2014.

Still, there’s a lot of work to be done. That’s why the Mustang Development and Hideout Canyon team wants to ensure that no child is left behind so that even the most impoverished child can experience new adventures while learning about who they are and what they can accomplish.

Why We Support sUMMIT lAND conservancy

Aside from the quality of the luxury homes in Hideout Canyon, one of the biggest draws for potential buyers and residents of the community is the spectacular view and the accessibility to Park City’s untamed wilderness. Summit Land Conservancy and Mustang Development’s core missions and visions are for the land and water to be preserved for generations to come. We are not just closer to nature by being able to enjoy the mountains, trails, farms, and waterways, we are closer together as a community.

Why We Support Peace House

Ever since a local Utah woman lost her life at the hands of her husband in a Park City parking lot, the Peace House team has been actively addressing the subject of domestic violence. Working with those who are most at risk, Peace House provides safe housing, outreach, counseling, and prevention services. It is the Hideout Canyon and Mustang Development team’s hope that non-profits like Peace House will help us eradicate domestic violence, meaning that the community as a whole is a safer and happier place for us all.

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