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Hideout Canyon is like Mother Nature's art gallery where reality takes the place of the most famous nature paintings. The jagged peaks of the nearly 12,000-foot Mount Timpanogos and the equally beautiful Jordanelle Reservoir form just part of Hideout Canyon’s breathtaking backdrop. Most of our homeowners enjoy sweeping views of Deer Valley's Bald Mountain as well as the boats cruising on the waters of the Jordanelle.

Encompassing approximately 2,500 acres of land and home to only 820 residents, the town of Hideout is a hidden gem and is perfect for those who desire close proximity to Park City's activities while simultaneously enjoying a tranquil retreat. Hideout Canyon is celebrated for offering homeowners understated luxury and unspoiled nature for a fraction of the cost of its Park City counterparts.

Hideout Canyon came into existence after the property developers, Mustang Development, entered an agreement to turn this promising land into a residential neighborhood. This was largely made possible by the Utah State Legislature passing a bill that allowed a petition for a town of more than 100 people, but less than 999, to be filed with the support of the majority owners of the land. Hideout's petition was filed in November of 2007 by the area's former mayor, Richard Sprung. Hideout officially became an incorporated town in June 2008. It now enjoys the many benefits of self-governance.


Advantages of the Hideout Canyon Lifestyle

It’s difficult to compare what you would get in Park City versus Hideout Canyon because the homes for sale in Hideout are of such a high spec. To put it simply, though, our luxury homes are available for the price of a luxury condo in Park City.

Features of the homes in Hideout Canyon vary from model to model, but, no matter which type of home you desire in Hideout Canyon, there are many benefits of purchasing a home here instead of Park City. Be sure to take a look at our other development, Soaring Hawk, as well. Some of these benefits include:

      • An amazing view – Hideout Canyon’s views bring a new meaning to the expression “a picture paints a thousand words.” In our experience, this area is too beautiful for words. Take a look at the gallery here to see the majestic views that you can expect to appreciate every day when you purchase a home in Hideout Canyon. But, nothing compares to an in-person visit, so get in touch today to book your personal tour.

      • Activities to enjoy – From vast wilderness to world-class, top-rated ski resorts, there’s a whole world of year-round recreation, cultural offerings, and natural beauty to explore within eight minutes of your home in Hideout Canyon. It’s no surprise that many families have relocated here from every corner of the country. Hideout Canyon promises years of fun and fond memories for all of your family and friends. 

      • Accessibility– Your pristine mountain retreat is remarkably just eight minutes from Park City, a world-class resort town with year-round recreation, cultural, and employment opportunities. Hideout Canyon is 40 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport, which makes our location ideal for business and leisure travelers wishing to own a primary or vacation home.

Hideout Canyon has to be seen to be believed. Contact us today to learn how you can schedule a tour.


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